LIJOU is a boutique that specializes in vintage lingerie and corsetry spanning from the 1920s to the present day. Every item is carefully selected and curated with great care. LIJOU offers a diverse range of vintage bustiers, corsets, dresses, and more. Our vintage corsets and garments exhibit exceptional quality and have proven their durability over time. Now, it's your turn to become a part of their legacy!

Visit our store in Arnhem, Klarendalseweg 440.

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    Experience the magic of LIJOU at our boutique! Discover our curated collection of vintage corsets, vintage bustiers, and other garments online or in-store. You won't find these stunning pieces anywhere else! Visit us at Klarendalseweg 440, Arnhem (Modekwartier).


    By shopping LIJOU, you can contribute to reducing your carbon footprint, conserving natural resources, promoting fair and safe working conditions, conserving water, and promoting a healthier environment for both people and the planet. LIJOU is a company committed to zero-waste practices.


    With a strong focus on sustainability, we guarantee that all of our packaging is crafted from 100% eco-friendly materials. These materials are not only recycled but also recyclable, ensuring that your unboxing experience is not only fun but also environmentally responsible. And to top it off, we provide free worldwide shipping for your convenience.


    At LIJOU, we take great care in handpicking every vintage corset, vintage bustier, and vintage lingerie piece in our collection. Our strict selection process guarantees that only high-quality garments that have stood the test of time will be found in our inventory. Additionally, all of our garments are deadstock, meaning they are new and have never been worn.

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